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MFM Real Talk with Team Orange

Date: 11th of September 2019

Everybody in Aotearoa now know who TEAM ORANGE is, Samuel Whatarangi and Ethan King-Ordish but only those that know them on a personal level would appreciate their affiliation to Rereahu-Maniapoto people.
Rozel had the absolute pleasure of inviting them into the MFM Studio to have a chat during the 12 weeks they were committed to The Block NZ.
I gotta say Samuel Whatarangi was naturally candid while interviewing on MFM REAL TALK but entertaining at the same time.
He managed to not give too much away but did give the bro Eets a bitta stick about his styling efforts.
The Boys (Yea the Boys) maintained their integrity, honesty and friendships throughout the competition and it was important to them to not lose themselves in the hype but to do what their aunties and whanau expected of them and that was to not change themselves because of the TV cameras and stay tuturu to their humble modest upbringings.
Team Orange were grateful for the support shown by the Waitomo Community and overwhelmed by the Give a Little page that was set up for their benefit.
Sam and Ethan will take special friendships away from this experience and says its not something to jump into lightly.
Sam highlights the People’s Choice Award as a special moment.
He showed off the Golden Hammer trophy  while in the studio with the hugest smile purely because he was not even sure if he was allowed to remove it from the Block House Studio Party.

Rereahu-Maniapoto people are stoked with efforts of Ethan King-Ordish and Samuel Whatarangi,
Yea da Boys!!