To ensure MFM can support as many of our marae, kura, hapū and iwi as possible we have introduced MFM Sponsorship 2017.

MFM Sponsorship assist to support, promote and provide coverage to events, projects and Māori kaupapa within Maniapoto – through media broadcasting and media support. This sponsorship process will ensure that both MFM and the host organisation have ample time to organise, promote and coordinate successful projects and events for the onsite, online and on air audiences to enjoy.

The types of sponsorship MFM can offer can be found in the MFM Sponsorship application form, including the application process.

If you have an event on your 2018 calendar that you would like support with – please let us know by filling out a form here.


MFM Sponsorship Application.pdf

For more information about MFM Sponsorship 2017 fill in a contact form here with your pātai in the comments section. Otherwise redirect yourself to our Pā Mai page for other contact details.


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