In 2016 MFM took up the opportunity to nurture and hold Te Rautaki Reo a Te Nehenehenui.
Te Rautaki Reo a Te Nehenehenui is the strategy designed to revitalise Te Reo within the Maniapoto Region. The stratergy was intended to support and enhance oppurtunities for Te Reo speakers and learners within the Maniapoto area. Te Reo is a link to our past and a vital element to wellbeing.
The revitalisation of Te Reo is key to strengthening Maniapoto identity and culture for all generations.
Earlier this year in April MFM officially returned Te Rautaki Reo a Te Nehenehenui to the Maniapoto Māori Trust Board.
We are very privileged to have contributed to the development, growth and enhancement of Te Rautaki Reo a Te Nehenehenui through these awesome kaupapa; The Great Debates, Te Nehenehenui Website, Paepae Awhina, Wānanga Reo ki Te Nehenehenui and Kuratahi ki Te Nehenehenui.
Our final Kuratahi ki Te Nehenehenui, we were fortunate to work alongside Roa Ltd to Launch Pākiki which is a Te Reo Māori game that teaches participants about Ngā Tamariki o Rereahu.
Check out the video we captured from the launch of Pākiki!
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