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te reo o maniapoto

Te Reo Irirangi o Maniapoto Broadcasting Māori Language Plan aligns to the core goals of Te Rautaki Reo a Te Nehenehenui that was initiated by our License holder, Maniapoto Māori Trust Board in 2009, and was reviewed in 2017.

This Broadcasting Māori Language Plan for Te Reo Irirangi o Maniapoto is an expression of desire that te reo be more widely heard and felt.

TRIoM continues to lead and implement Te Reo revitalisation initiatives related to Te Rautaki Reo a Te Nehenehenui. Aspects of language revitalisation theory are contextualised to Te Nehenehenui features, and will continue to be made relevant to TRIoM practise.

Just a few of the many events MFM support..

Iwi Reo Strategy Facilitation

TRIoM will continue to provide leadership towards the implementation of recommendations from the review of Te Rautaki Reo a Te Nehenehenui. 

Te Tumu Reo Advisory Group 

 This group was established by our License holder MMTB.  TRIoM leads this group of Maniapoto reo practitioners quarterly to track reo status and reo activities in alignment with the Iwi Reo Strategy. 

Te Rā O Tainui

This is a Te Wānanga o Aotearoa Maniapoto Campus Matariki event hosted on the birthdate of the late King Korokī.  This event focuses on local history which in-turn informs the way forward for te reo o Maniapoto.

The Maniapoto Secondary Schools Kapa Haka Festival

This is the annual Maniapoto secondary schools kapa haka event that focuses on developing te reo o Maniapoto and the art form

Whīkoi mō Te Reo Māori

The annual Maniapoto schools’ event that celebrates te reo Māori; particularly te reo o Maniapoto and Matariki around June each year.

Koroneihana Celebrations

This event is held annually to acknowledge the reigning monarch.  MFM staff usually engage in this event by attending the Coronation day and by way of support to the local broadcaster, Radio Tainui. 

Te Nehenehenui Tribal Festival

This is an annual kapa haka competition that focuses on building the capacity of te reo o Maniapoto within the following disciplines; reo kōrero, reo karanga, waiata tawhito and Haka Pōwhiri on marae within Ngāti Maniapoto. 

Wānanga Reo ki Te Nehenehenui 2019

TRIoM will continue to implement Wānanga Reo ki Te Nehenehenui, contingent on funding, towards the activation of te reo speakers within Te Nehenehenui.  m

‘Takarurehia e te Kawau, Kawea tō tātou reo ki te ao’

‘Te Reo Irirangi o Maniapoto is recognised as the centre for iwi communications and Te Reo o Maniapoto’