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TE NEHENEHENUI.CO.NZ LAUNCHED AND READY FOR AUDIENCES MFM Te Reo o Te Iwi have made Te Nehenehenui resources accessible for audiences world-wide. Te was officially launched in Te Kūiti, 13 September 2017.  Iwi-centric words, songs and stories have been gathered into one basket and shared online. The website caters to the whole whanau and exposes Te Reo o Te Nehenehenui to all levels of Māori language learners. It provides new words to beginners with a Te Nehenehenui perspective to fluent speakers.   A variety of communication channels is used to encourage the interactivity within whānau. While adults, for example, can learn the history of iwi anthems, children can watch a video and learn the words.  The website was created by MFM as part of the official language strategy of Te Nehenehenui and is supported by Te Taura Whiri I Te Reo Māori.  Check it out now at  Keep tabs on our FB page for your chance to win prizes!!!!


MFM Te Reo o Te Iwi


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